About Delicious Heist

What is Delicious Heist?

Delicious Heist is a website featuring descriptions of “heists”.  These can be thought of as brain teasers or puzzles.  We are not collating data to judge the efficiency of our own planned heists, nor are we training contributors to crack security precautions.

Delicious Heist is just for fun.


What do I do at Delicious Heist?

You are invited to do whatever you wish.  That is, you may perform whatever action the website makes possible.  Anything is permitted.

Okay…Seriously, though, what do I do?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Comment on a heist with a plan for completing it.
  • Comment on someone else’s plan.
  • Comment on the awards given.
  • Discuss the heists with your friends.
  • Ask questions about the heists.
  • Think of some new way to interact that we have not yet hit upon.

May I provide multiple plans for the same heist?  May I create my own awards?  May I brainstorm new heists?

Anything is permitted.


Delicious Heist reserves the right to delete any posted content that we feel is inappropriate.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Scams.  Trying to acquire someone’s password or their money is unethical.
  • Harassment.  There is a line between intense debate and personal attack.  Err on the side of politeness.
  • Not Safe For Work.  Occasionally a guard will have to be killed, or perhaps seduced, but we wish Delicious Heist to be as family-friendly as possible.  It’s always possible to get your idea across without gory descriptions or naughty words.

It is our hope that these guidelines appear sensible.  If you disagree with them, perhaps you’re not really Delicious Heist material.

Is Delicious Heist on a schedule of any kind?

Heists will be published Sundays and Wednesdays; other content on Fridays.  (Most likely late at night, Eastern US time.)

Are these rules and guidelines subject to change?