Heist #0: Warehouse B

Heist #0: Warehouse B

The warehouse rests in a light industrial district.  Workers move in and out from 5AM to 11PM, organized in two shifts.  The office manager, Mr. Bodner, works from 9AM to 5PM.  From 1AM to 4AM the neighborhood is quiet.

The warehouse is guarded 24 hours a day, with one security guard at each door.  Every 15 minutes the warehouse door guard walks counterclockwise around the building to the office door; he exchanges a few words with the other guard, who then walks back to the warehouse door.  The guards usually bring lunches that they eat while guarding.

The warehouse is mostly space for pallets.  There is a cafeteria/pantry, a restroom and an office.  Each outer doorway is a set of double doors, locked by separate keys.  The only inner door ever locked is the office, and it is always locked when Mr. Bodner is not in.  The guards have keys to the front door, but no other keys.  Only Mr. Bodner has a key to the office.

Inside the office is a cabinet.  It is locked with a padlock.  Mr. Bodner has the only key to this padlock.

What’s the plan?