Heist #1: Treasure Room C

Heist #1: Treasure Room C
The treasure room is built in the side of a hill in a secluded area.  It is several miles to the nearest town; a well-known dungeon entrance is nearby, though out of sight.

The entrance is a low hole hidden behind great clumps of carnivorous brambles; these plants will animate and wrap thorny vines around any animals that come near, obtaining nutrients from blood that soaks into the soil.

Beyond the entrance is a mostly natural tunnel, widened and smoothed in some places.  The tunnel makes two corners, the second containing a trapdoor above a 5m drop (16 ft.).  There are no light sources; by the time the pit is reached, the tunnel is quite dark.

The treasure room is barred with a portcullis weighing 75 kilograms (165 lbs.).  The portcullis may be raised by a chain connected to a crank within the room; the gearing system allows even people of average strength to raise the portcullis.

Within the room is a gargoyle animated by Mr. Chandler.  His most recent instruction was for the gargoyle to “Kill any man who steps beyond the portcullis into this room”.  Only Mr. Chandler has the keys to the various chests in the room.

What’s the plan?